Amazing Guitar Secrets - 12 Bar Blues

By Dan Denley for PJ's Guitar Chords and Lyrics Newsletter

You know, growing up in Memphis has been a real treat, for me.

There's so much blues music here, it's incredible.

BB King's restaurant is here, as well as the world-famous Beale Street -- where you
can go anytime of day or night to hear some great blues music.

If you're going to play blues, there's one thing you should definitely
know -- the "12 Bar Blues."

Basically, the twelve bar blues is this:

I7 chord for four bars | IV7 for two bars | I7 for two bars| V7 for one bar |
IV7 for one bar | I7 for one bar | V7 for one bar

Add all the bars (or measures) together and you get twelve "bars."

So, here's what that means:

Let's say you're in the key of E Major.

The tab for the chords you'd play are:

E7 (I7 in the key of E) for 4 bars (four measures of 4/4 time)

A7 (IV7 in the key of E) for two bars

E7 (I7 in the key of E) for 2 bars

B7 (V7 in the key of E) for one bar

A7 (IV7 in the key of E) for one bar

E7 (I7 in the key of E) for one bar

B7 (V7 in the key of E) for one bar

Then, start the whole thing over again.

Now, if you're going to play a solo over this twelve bar blues, you'd need to know
which scale to use.

Because you're in the key of E Major, you'd use the E Blues Scale.

Here's that scale in it's first position in the key of E Major:


Use this scale to solo over the 12 bar blues rhythm above.

If you'd like to hear a quick example of me playing this progression using the
Blues Pentatonic scale, turn your speakers up and go here:

Hope that helps get you pointed in the right direction as far as playing blues.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my 6-Part Mini-Course. I hope you've
gotten some real value out of it!

I wish you all the best with your guitar playing.


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So, I still remember my first song -- the theme from the movie 007. I figured it out
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Then something began to happen...

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About the Author:

Dan Denley began playing guitar in 1989 at the age of 14. Mr. Denley is a
self-taught guitarist and classically trained musician.

After graduating with honors from the Scheidt School of Music (University of Memphis)
with a bachelors degree in Music History, he created the "Amazing Guitar Secrets"
course for learning guitar, which is considered by many to be complete and

You can learn more about how YOU can become of his successful students