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G		   D	      C			  G
I'm goin' down to Rosemarie's, she never does me wrong
    G		   D		     C			  G
She puts it to me plain as day, and gives it to me for a song
        G 		 G7		    C		     Am
It's a wicked lie, but what the hell, don't everybody got to eat
        G		  D	 
And I'm just the same as anyone else, when it comes to
  C		   Am
Scratching for my meat

G	        C   G           F
Goin' to Acapulco, goin' on the run
G		        C   G		     Am		
Goin' down to see some girl, gonna have some fun
E7#9   G      
Yeah, gonna have some fun

Now whenever I get up, and can't find what I need
I just make it down to Rosemarie's and get somethin' quick to eat
That's a mighty fine way to make a livin' & I ain't complainin' none
If the wheel don't drop, and the train don't stop
I'll just get on home and have my fun


Now if someone offers me a joke, I just say 'No thanks'
I try to tell it like it is, and stay away from pranks
Everytime you know when the well runs dry
I just go pump on it some
Rosemarie, she likes to go to big places
And just sit there, waitin' for me to come



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