I. Instruction - Beginners - Learning to play by Ear

What is Ear Training and Why is it so Important?

One of the hardest aspects of playing music for me has always been hearing and trusting my ear.

Unless you are "gifted" then the only way to improve your ear is by practice.

The best way to get started on your ear training is to learn the Intervals between notes.
What does Do to Re sound like and how does that differ from Do to Mi or Do to Fa?

Here is a great exercise that will help sharpen your ear.

Play and Sing the first note (Do a deer) of the scale 4 times then play the 2nd note (Re a drop of golden sun) of the scale 4 times.

Note the difference in notes and the direction of notes.

Now play and Sing the notes three times each.
Now play and Sing the notes two times each.
Now play and sing the notes one time each.

Now move to the next interval Do and Mi and repeat.

Now go back to the first interval (Do and Re) and note the difference.

Move forward to Do and Mi and repeat.

Now move forward again to Do and Fa.

And Back to Do and Re and on up the scale again.

Do and Mi
Do and Fa
and add Do and So

and Back to Do and Re adn throgh to the next Internval.

Here is a tab of the Major scale played in the key of G:

G Major Scale


I hope this helps!


Andrew Koblick,