How To Make Your Guitar Sound Like A Violin

I love this technique as you can use it at the beginning or in the middle of any song. It can only be used with an electric guitar though. It won't work on an acoustic.

Here is how:

Step 1

Turn the volume control on your electric guitar RIGHT DOWN.

Step 2

When it is unheard; strike hard on any note (preferably one string & not an actual chord).

Step 3

While the string is vibrating (silently), turn the volume control UP VERY SLOWLY. This will allow the string to slowly fade in until the volume is turned up full.

Step 4

Lastly; fade the volume control DOWN VERY SLOWLY. This will allow the note to fade out into silence.

Do exactly the same thing to a different string. What you are actually doing here is creating the sound of a smooth violin.

This is an excellent technique if your bass player is playing a note in G for example. You can use this technique and fade in with a violin sound one octave higher in the same G note. If you have an effects pedal, using a High Reverb tone along with a deep chorus setting improved the sound even more.

One other technique is to actually pull the string once the volume is turned up full. This tweaks the sound even more. Enabling you to go slightly out of tune before pulling the string back in tune again. It makes an unreal lick in one of your songs and especially if you want to record in a studio, the sound will be heard in great detail.

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