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                     Coming Back To You    (Leonard Cohen)

     G  /  Em  /  C  D/A  G  /  /  /

      G               Em        C       D/A            G
     Maybe I'm still hurting I can't turn   the other cheek
                                Em           D/A       C        G
     But you know that I still love you it's just that I can't speak
        C               G                  B7                C
     I looked for you in everyone and they called me on that too
        G      D       Em    Bm   C      D       G
     I lived alone but I was only coming back to you

              G                 Em                   C       D/A       G
     They're shutting down the factory now just when all the bills are due
     And the fields they're under lock and key
                D/A           C          G
     Though the rain and the sun come through
           C                    G                   G                 C
     And springtime starts but then it stops in the name of something new
          G       D      Em     Bm         C      D       G
     And all the senses rise against this coming back to you
                  C              G                  C               G
     And they're handing down my sentence now and I know what I must do
       B7             C                 A              D
     Another mile of silence while I'm coming back to you

       G            Em                C   D/A      G
     There are many in your life and many still to be
                      Em                   D/A    C          G
     Since you are a shining light there's many that you'll see
            C                G               B7                 C
     But I have to deal with envy when you choose the precious few
             G           D          Em     Bm      C      D       G
     Who've left their pride on the other side of coming back to you

     C  /  G  /  C  /  G  /  B7 /  C  /  A  /  D  /  /  /

     G             Em      C       D/A           G
     Even in your arms I know I'll never get it right
                    Em             D/A     C       G
     Even when you bend to give me comfort in the night
           C                G               B7            C
     I've got to have your word on this or none of it is true
          G        D        Em      Bm      C      D       G
     And all I've said was just instead of coming back to you


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No attempt has been made to copy or reproduce the artist's or publisher's sheet music for the song, 
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