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G                                  Am
Come over to the window my little darling
C                             G
I'd like to try to read your palm
F                                   C
I used to think I was some kind of gypsy boy
 Em                       D     D7
Before I let you take me home

    G                       Em
Now so long Marianne  it's time we began
    D                         D7            G 
To laugh and cry and cry and laugh about it all again

G                            Am
Well you know that I love to live with you
C                               G
But you make me forget so very much
F                         C  
I forget to pray for the angels 
Em                                     D      D7
And then the angels forget to pray for us


G                   Am    
We met when we were almost young
C                        G
Deep in the green Lilac park
F                               C
You held on to me like I was a crucifix
Em                            D    D7
As we went kneeling thru the dark


Your letters they all say that you're beside me now.
Then why do I feel alone?
I'm standing on a ledge and your fine spider web
is fastening my ankle to a stone.


For now I need your hidden love.
I'm cold as a new razor blade.
You left when I told you I was curious,
I never said that I was brave.


Oh, you are really such a pretty one.
I see you've gone and changed your name again.
And just when I climbed this whole mountainside,
to wash my eyelids in the rain! 


The above is solely MY INTERPRETATION of this great song, in a format aimed at learning guitarists.
No attempt has been made to copy or reproduce the artist's or publisher's sheet music for the song, 
if such exists.

It can be used for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. To play the song as it should be played, you should 
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the rhythm and timing of the song - this is essential if you wish to play the song with any degree of accuracy


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