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		           Am            G     F           E
	1.	Now, some people say, a man's made out of mud,
                       Am         G           F           E
                But a poor man's made out of muscle and blood.
		 Am          G      F       E
		Muscle and blood, skin and bone,
		   Am                     E             Am    G  F  E
		A mind that's weak and a back that's strong.

		          Am      G          F          E
	Ref.:	You load sixteen tons, and what do you get ?
		  Am        G          F         E
		Another day older and deeper in depth.
		    Am               G            F        E
		St.Peter, don't you call me, 'cos I can't go.
		  Am                  E        Am     G  F  E
		I owe my soul to the company store. 

		       Am       G           F         E
	2.	I was born one morning in drizzeling rain,
		 Am            G            F      E
		Fighting and Trouble is my middle name.
		       Am            G            F     E
		I was raised in the bottoms by a momma hound,
		     Am                     E           Am    G  F  E
		I'm mean as a dog, but I'm gentle as a lamb.

	Ref.:	You load sixteen tons, ...

		       Am       G                 F           E
	3.	I was born one morning, when the sun didn't shine.
		   Am            G            F             E
		I picked up my shovel, and I walked to the mine.
		          Am      G       F           E
		I loaded sixteen tons of number nine coal,
		           Am                        E       Am      G  F  E
		And the strawboss hollered: "Well, bless my soul !"

	Ref.:	You load sixteen tons, ...

		         Am    G           F            E
	4.	If you see me coming, you better step aside.
		   Am         G             F          E
		A lot of men didn't, and a lot of men died.
		         Am     G           F        E
		I got a fist of iron and a fist of steel,
		        Am                                E        Am     G  F  E
		If the right one don't get you, then the left one will !


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