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C    G   C   G   D7

Jenifer Juniper lives upon the hill

Jenifer Juniper sitting very still
G                  D7
Is she sleeping?  I don't think so
G                   D7
Is she breathing? Yes very low
 C             C7 Am7 D7   G    C/G D7 G C G
Whatcha doin' Jenifer my love

Jenifer Juniper rides a dappled mare
Jenifer Juniper lilacs in her hair
Is she dreaming? Yes I think so
Is she pretty? Yes ever so
 C             C7 Am7 D7   G    C/G D7 
Whatcha doin' Jenifer my love

G     D7     G  C               D7          C   F
I'm thinkin' of   what it would be like if she loved me
G    D7  G    Bm     C
You know just lately this happy song
C                   D7              Am7     D7  D6   D9
It came along and I like to somehow try and tell you

Jenifer Juniper hair of golden flax
Jenifer Juniper longs for what she lacks
Do you hear her? Yes I do sir
Would you love her? Yes I would sir
Whatcha doin' Jenifer my love

G       C
Jenifer  Juniper

C   F    C   F   D7
Jenifer Juniper vit sur la colline
C   F    C   F   D7
Jenifer Juniper assise tres tranquile
G             D7
Dort elle? Je ne crois pas
G                 D7
Respire t'elle? Oui mais tout bas
C                      D7   Am7 D7  G
Qu'est ce que tu fais Jenny mon amour

G    C       G  D7  G   C       G D7
Jenifer Juniper    Jenifer Juniper
G    C       G
Jenifer Juniper


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No attempt has been made to copy or reproduce the artist's or publisher's sheet music for the song, 
if such exists.

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