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Guitar Chords for OH MARY 4 OF US    

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D			G
Mary's got a new job, working in a bank
A			   G
Makin' lots of money, and givin' it to Frank
D 					G	
Frank's her married boyfriend, been that way for a year
A				   G
Slapped her in the face once, but says he loves her (dear)

    D     G			  A
Oh Mary, why don't you have some sense
G	    D      G		  A      G
Please do something to restore my confidence

He's met another woman, trav'lin' on his own
He wrote a loving message, and left it by the phone
Mary still knows nothing, as innocent as snow
Everyone has heard the truth but no-one lets it show


Mary's got a new job, workin' for herself
Makin' lots of money, not thinkin' of herself
She's colder than November, as hot as she would will
There's times that I'm left thinking, I miss the warm days still


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