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Guitar Chords for CAN'T KEEP IT IN CAT STEVENS    

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Intro:   A    E    D    E


Oh, I can't keep it in, I can't keep it in, 
       E              (riff)       D
I've gotta let it out,      I've got to show the world,
World's gotta see, see all the love, love that's in me!
         A                                   E             (riff)  
I said, why walk alone? Why worry when it's warm over here?
You've got so much to say, say what you mean,
Mean what you're thinking, and think anything!


     A                 F#m
Oh, why, why must you waste your life away?
                A   B7    E        F#m         G#m      B
You've got to live for today, then let it go------, oh-oh!
  A                          F#m
Lover, I want to spend this time with you,
                A    B      E             A  G#m
There's nothing I wouldn't do if you let me know--oh,oh!

Verse 3

 E      A
And I can't keep it in, 
                     E                  (riff)       
I can't hide it, & I can't lock it away,
I'm up for your love, love heats my blood,
Blood spins my head, & my head falls in love, oh!

  A                    E
| / / / / | / / / / | Haa-haa-haa, haa-hum! Ah-haa, haa-hum!

 D                                       E         F   G
Haa-haa-haa, haa-hum! Ah-haa, haa-hum! | / / / / | / / / / |


Verse 4

Oh, I can't keep it in, I can't keep it in, 
       G                         C/G  G      F
I've gotta let it out, woh-oh-oh,      I've got to show the world, 
                      G                               F
World's gotta know, know of the love, love that lies low!
G   C                         F    C    G                C/G  G
So why can't you say? If you know then why can't you say?
You've got too much deceit, deceit kills the light,
  G                             D            E7
Light has to shine, I said, shine light, shine light!


Verse 5

  A                     F#m
Love, that's no way to live your life,
               A   B7    E      F#m      G#m     B7
You allow too much to go by, & that won't do, no-oh!
  A                       F#m
Lover, I want to have you here by my side,
               A    B7        E              A   G#m      B
Now don't you run, don't you hide while I'm with you, oh-oh!

Verse 1 again


       A4  A   A4  A          E4       E     E4  E
A-why not?   | / / / / | Now why, why not? | / / / / |

  D4  D     D4  D      C4  C
| / / / / | / / / / |  / / / / |

                       E4       E



  A       E        D       F#m       B7      G#m
x02220  022100  xx0232    244222  x212020  466444

  B        C       F        C/G       G       E7
224442   x32010  133211   3x2010   320033   022130

  A4       E4      D4        C4
x02230  022200   xx0233    335563

     E  B(sus)7  E

E |--4-----2-----0-----|

B |--0-----0-----0-----|

G |--4-----2-----1-----|

D |-------------(2)----|

A |-------------(2)----| 

E |--------------------|


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