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Guitar Chords for DANCE AWAY BRYAN FERRY    

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        DANCE AWAY              BRYAN FERRY

         D                   Bm
        Yesterday - well it seemed so cool
                 G              A
        When I walked you home, kissed goodnight
         G                      A
        I said "it's love" you said "all right"
             D                  Bm
        It's funny how I could never cry
           G               A
        Until tonight and you pass by
         G                  A
        Hand in hand with another guy
       G                             A
        You're dressed to kill and guess who's dying?

         E              C#m
        Dance away the heartache
         A              B       
        Dance away the tears 
         E              C#m
        Dance away the heartache
         A              B
        Dance away the tears -
        Dance away

        Loneliness is a crowded room
        Full of open hearts turned to stone
        All together all alone
        All at once my whole world had changed
        Now I'm in the dark, off the wall
        Let the strobe light up them all
        I close my eyes and dance till dawn

        Dance away -

        Now I know I must walk the line
        Until I find an open door
        Off the street onto the floor
        There was I - many times a fool
        I hope and pray, but not too much
        Out of reach is out of touch
        All the way is far enough

        Dance away -


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