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Capo 1st Fret

D   G  Bm  Em  (x3)
D   G  Bm  Em  G    D

         D                  Em
We fell into a deep sleep, just like we said
    G                      		D
No kissing or nothing, except holding hands
	D			  Em
It was just as we wanted, did no more than we should
	   G                     		   D
For the wrongest of reasons but it still felt as good

 G   					  Bm
Sometimes you go right ahead with these things
	Em	                       D
But sometimes it's better just to be friends

          D                    Em
She had told me her story, and I told her mine
          G                                D
And with every new sentence we drew a new line
        D                     Em
Moving different directions, along the same street
         G                                 D
Both admiring each other and cursing our feet

    G                                    Bm
Sometimes you can't help feeling these things ... oooh
   Em                                     D
Sometimes you want to be more than just friends

      G          D  
Whooo-oh  Whoooo-oh (x3)

        D                             Em
But it may be we've caught this thing early enough
         G                                        D
Yes it could be a blessing, in the long run good luck
            D                             Em
'Cause the web we'd be weaving, would get so tangled up
          G                                            D
How come sometimes your good luck feels more like its tough

          G                                   Bm
Could it be maybe that's just the nature of things
           Em                                  D
And we'll have to just settle for just being friends
           Em                              D
Could we really come this far just to be friends
              Em                            D
We've come a long way now baby just to be friends

D   Em   G    D

          D                                    Em
Well at least we have that much girl ain't it good to have friends
         G                                         D
We'd be more but these rules only break and don't bend
              D                           Em
But, hey its not such a bad thing we had this little fall
       G                                  G
If we didn't have this we'd be nothing at all

               G                          Bm
But ain't it funny its funny and curious when
          Em                           D
You must falter as lovers just to be friends
               G                           Bm
Oh yeah it's funny both funny and curious when...ooh
          Em                               D
You must fail first as lovers just to be friends ( but then we kissed)

G   Bm   Em   D

      G         D
whooo-oh  Whooo-oh (x4)
        D                     Em
Now im so sorry baby we cant even be that
         G                                          D
It's so nice to be near you but it's wrong and its bad
        D                          Em
I'm confused and I don't know how strong I can be
          G                                      D
'Cause i so want to love you oh baby but so does he


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