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intro;  G  D  C  D x2

GDCD      My name is Luka
GDCD       and i live on the second floor
GDCD      i live upstaires from you
GDCD       yes i think you;ve seen me before
Em  D       if you hear something late at night
Em   D      some kind of trouble, some kind of fight
C  G         just don't ask me what is was     x2
C  D  G     just don't ask me what it was

                I think it's cos i'm clumsy
                i try not to talk so loud
                maybe it's becos i'm crazy
                i try not to act to proud
                they only hit you till you cry 
        and after that you don't ask why
                you just don't argue anymore  x3

                Yes i think i'm okay
                walked into the wall again
                if you ask that's what i'll say
                as it's not your business anyway
                i guess i'd like to be alone
                 nothing broken , nothing thrown
                 just don't  ask me how i am   x3

Thanx to Gem!


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