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Em 		G 		   D
its getting so lonely inside this bed
Em		      G 		    D
To know if i should lick my wounds or say woe is me instead
Em  	    G 		    D
Theres an achin inside my head
Em 			G	 D
its telling me you're better off alone
             Asus2	G
but after midnight, morning will come
and the day will see if you will get some

		Em			  G
you know that girl you know she act too tough tough tough
its time to turn off the lights, turn off the lights
   	   Em			     G
i say the girl you know she act so rough rough rough
its time to turn off the lights, turn off the lights
	      Em			    G
its time to follow me follow me follow me down down down down
till you see all my dreams
Em	  		  G		  D
not everything in this magical world is quite what it seems

i looked above the other day

cos i think iiim good and ready for a change

i live my life by the moon

well of its high play it low and if its harvest go slow 

and if its full then go


im searching for things that i just cannot see

why dont you dont you dont you come and be here with me

you pretend to be cool with me and i want to believe

i can do it on my own without my heart on my sleeve

im running im running catch up with me life

wheres the love that im looking to find

its all in me cant you see why cant you why cant you see

its all in me yeeeaaahhh


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