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REM guitar chords    


G///     Dm/// (x4)

Verse 1
G        Dm
Crowded. Five A.M. the 
G            Dm
night life's comfortin' but 
G          Dm
gravity is holding you
G          Dm

Once settled. Into sleep
You have watched on repeat the story of your life across the 
Ceiling.  In review

Chorus 1
Am            C            Am
You said the air was singi-ng
Am          C                  Am
Its calling you, you don't believe
                     C         Em                
These things you've never seen   ( 2nd Chorus ... never heard )
                                 ( 3rd Chorus ... never heard, never dreamed)
Verse 3
Good morning.  How are you
The weather's fine
The sky is blue
It's perfect for our seminar
Close your eyes and start to breathe
Allow your eyes to recede
Allow yourself to drift and fly away
And you just stay

Chorus 1

Chorus 2:
C      Dm         G      Am
Do you hear these voices calling?
Do you hear these voices calling? 
Do you hear these voices calling 

Verse 4
Locked into the conference room
We're only what our minds assume
And rationale is leaving you
This conceived these systems
I believe your counsellor agrees
You always marked these bound'ries
Now you're free
To make believe

Chorus 1 (x2) 

G              Dm
Never never never never never  ( x 4 )

Verse 5
Once you had a dream of oceans, sunken cities 
Memories of things you've never known
You have never known


The above is solely MY INTERPRETATION of this great song, in a format aimed at learning guitarists.
No attempt has been made to copy or reproduce the artist's or publisher's sheet music for the song, 
if such exists.

It can be used for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. To play the song as it should be played, you should 
purchase the official sheetmusic for the song. You should also purchase and listen to the song to learn 
the rhythm and timing of the song - this is essential if you wish to play the song with any degree of accuracy


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