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Guitar Chords for JEEP SONG DRESDEN DOLLS    

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A	                  D
I've been driving around town
A	                D
With my head spinning around
Bm     G             E  
Everywhere I look I see   	 
Bm                  E
Your '96 jeep Cherokee

A	               D
you're a bully and a clown
A	                    D
You made me cry and put me down
Bm	G	            E 
After all that I've been through  	 
Bm                                 E
You'd think I'd hate the sight of you

A	               D
But with every jeep I see
A	                       D
My broken heart still skips a beat
Bm	     G              E
I guess its just my stupid luck   	 
Bm	                       D                   E
That all of Boston drives the same black fucking truck

It could be him or am I tripping
And I'm crashing into everything
     Bm                             E
And thinking about skipping town a while
Bm	                      D	   E
Until these cars go out of...style 	 

A	              D
I try to see it in reverse
A	                D
It makes the situation hundreds of times worse
       Bm	                       G    E
When I wonder if it makes you want to cry   	 
Bm	                         D            E
Every time you see a light blue volvo driving by

         Bm	                         F#m
So dont tell me if you're off to see the world
Bm	                 F#m
I know you wont get very far
      Bm	                F#m
Dont tell me if you get another girl baby
      D	                         A
Just tell me if you get another car

It could be him ......
Or am I tripping .....
It could be him ......
A	               D
The number of them is insane
A	            D
Every exit's an ex-boyfriend memory lane
      Bm	                      G    E
Every major street's a minor heart attack   	 
Bm	               F#
I see a red jeep and I want to 	paint it black

It could be him or am I tripping
And I'm crashing into everything
   C#m                                    F#
I can't wait til you trade the damn thing in
C#m	                      E             F#
By then they will have put me in the looney bin

It could be him my heart is pounding
Its just no use I'm surrounded
        C#m                                    F#
Bbut one day I'll steal your car and switch the gears
C#m	                         E	    F#	    B
And drive that Cherokee straight off this trail of tears

B	E	
B	E	


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