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Guitar Chords for DRIVE INCUBUS    

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DRIVE             INCUBUS

Em  D  C D6 ( x 4 )

Em       D   C              D6
Sometimes I feel the fear of
Uncertainty stinging clear
And I can't help but ask myself how much 
I let the fear take the wheel and steer

   Em7              A
   Its driven me before
                          Em7     A
   And it seems to have a vague, haunting mass appeal
   Em7        A                          Em7
   But lately I'm beginning to find that I
                 A  ( N.C. )
   Should be the one behind the wheel


Em      D   C         D6       Em
Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there
     D     C                   D6
With open arms and open eyes, yeah
Em      D   C        D6        Em
Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there
D        C     D6
I'll be there

So if I decide to waiver my
Chance to be one of the hive
Will I choose water over wine
And hold my own and drive, ah-a-ah-a-a

   Its driven me before and it seems to be the way
   That everyone else gets around
   But lately I'm beginning to find that when
   I drive myself my light is found

    Em7        A                Em7
   Would you choose water over wine
    A  (N.C.)
   Hold the wheel and drive



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