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Guitar Chords for FAKE THE FRAMES    

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FAKE                      THE FRAMES

D   A   Bm    G
D   A   Bm    G
F#      A     G

Intro:         D            A7      A   Bm         A
      Your telling me I should forget you, but why
      Your acting like I never knew   you, but thats a lie

Bridge:   G                  Bm       A
      Your playing out your game again  
          G                Bm A
      And your never on my side
             D            A7      A   Bm
      Your telling me I should forget you

Chorus:    D       A7      Bm               G
      Come on the guys a fake what do you love him for
      And it was   my mistake just kicking in his door  
      D            A7      Bm         G          F#    A     G
      And if its just a game what we crying for 

      Your telling me I will regret you .... so....
      Your talking like I should expect to , but youll never know

Bridge:And hes left you in the rain again
       And you were always on my mind
       And your telling me I should forget you, noo



Chorus (softly)

D   A   Bm    G ( x 8 )
F#     A     G

      Your telling me I should forget you

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