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Capo 2nd Fret

B A (x2)

B             A                  B         A
Back in sixty-eight in a sweaty club (oh Geno)
       B                      A              B      A
Before Jimmy's machine and the rocksteady rub (oh Geno)
     A                         Em
On a night when flowers didn't suit my shoes
        A                    Em
After a week of flunkin' and bunkin' school
    A                  Em
The lowest head in the crowd that night
    A                             Em
Just practicin' steps and keepin' out of the fights

G         D          A            E   
 Academic inspiration you gave me none
G           D              A                 E
 You were Michael the lover the fighter that won
G             D                   A               E
 And now just look at me as I'm a-looking down on you
G           D               A                  E  
 No I'm not being flash it's what I'm built to do

B - - - - - - -
B   A   (x2)

That man took the stage his towel swinging high (oh Geno)
This man was my bombers, my dexys, my highs (oh Geno)

And the crowd they all hailed you and chanted your name
But they never knew like we knew me and you we're the same
And now your all over your song is so tame
Brrrr you fed me your bread and I'll remember your name

G A E D (x2) 

B    A
 Oh Geno
B    A 
 Oh Geno

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