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Iron and Wine guitar chords  - Love Vigilantes   

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Capo 3rd Fret
Chords (Relative to capo)
    C     F6    G
    C                        F6
Oh, I've just come from the land of the sun
       G                                     C
From a war that must be won in the name of truth
          C                       F6
With our soldiers so brave your freedom we will save
          G                                      C
With our rifles and grenades and some help from God
I want to see my family
My wife and child are waiting for me
I've got to go home
I've been so alone, you see
 C                          F6
You just can't believe the joy I did receive
        G                                    C
When I finally got my leave and I was going home
        C                          F6 
Oh, I flew through the sky, my convictions could not lie
        G                                      C
For my country I would die, and I will see it soon
C   F6   G   C
     C                                      F6
When I walked through the door my wife she laid upon the floor
          G                                       C
And with tears her eyes did soar, I did not know why
        C                         F6
Then I looked into her hand and I saw the telegram
          G                                        C
Said that I was a brave, brave man, but that I was dead
Chorus (x2)


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Iron and Wine guitar chords  - Love Vigilantes









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