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Guitar Chords for UPRISING MUSE    

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UPRISING                    MUSE

Intro: D5

Dm   Gm F
A    Gm F
Dm   Gm F
A    Gm F

Dm ~ ~ ~ ~

The paranoia is in bloom, the PR
Gm             F
Transmissions will resume
They'll try to push drugs
Keep us all dumbed down and hope that
Gm                      F                        Dm
We will never see the truth around, so come on

Another promise, another scene, another
Gm                       F
Package not to keep us trapped in greed
With all the green belts wrapped around our minds
            Gm                   F                           Dm
And endless red tape to keep the truth confined, so come on

Dm ~ ~ ~ ~

Dm             Gm   F
They will not force us
A                 Gm     F
They will stop degrading us
Dm                Gm  F
They will not control us
A              Gm  F              Dm
We will be victorious, so come on

Interchanging mind control
             Gm          F
Come let the revolution take it's toll if you could
Flick the switch and open your third eye, you'd see that
Gm                    F                        Dm
We should never be afraid to die, so come on

Rise up and take the power back, it's time that
Gm                  F
The fat cats had a heart attack, you know that
Their time's coming to an end
           Gm                    F                      Dm
We have to unify and watch our flag ascend, so come on



Solo (x3) 
 Hey! Hey! 
Gm   F      
 Hey! Hey! 
A   Gm F   

Dm ~ ~ ~ ~



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