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         e |-----------------        ( E Bass riff )        
         B |-----------------                
         G |-----------------                
         D |-----5-----------                
         A |-7-7---7-5-3--2--                
         E |-----------------                

          Em              C    B
I'm gonna fight 'em off
               Em                    C   B
A seven nation army couldn't hold me back
They're gonna rip it off
Taking their time right behind my back

And I'm talkin' to myself at night
Because I can't forget
Back and forth through my mind
Behind a cigarette

        G                      Asus2
And the message comin' from my eyes
                E-E-G-E-D-C-B   E-E-G-E-D-C-D-C-B ( x 2 )
Says leave it alone

G  Asus2   E Bass Riff (x4)

Don't wanna hear about it
Every single one's got a story to tell
Everyone knows about it
From the Queen of England to the hounds of hell

And if I catch it comin' back my way
I'm gonna serve it to you
And that ain't what you want to hear
But that's what I'll do

And the feeling coming from my bones
            E-E-G-E-D-C-B (x4)   
Says find a home

G    Asus2
                 E Bass Riff (x4)

I'm going to Wichita
Far from this opera forevermore
I'm gonna work the straw
Make the sweat drip out of every pore

And I'm bleeding, and I'm bleeding, and I'm bleeding
Right before the lord
All the words are gonna bleed from me
And I will think no more

And the stains comin' from my blood
                E-E-G-E-D-C-B  E-E-G-E-D-C-D-C-B
Tell me go back home...


The above is solely MY INTERPRETATION of this great song, in a format aimed at learning guitarists.
No attempt has been made to copy or reproduce the artist's or publisher's sheet music for the song, 
if such exists.

It can be used for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. To play the song as it should be played, you should 
purchase the official sheetmusic for the song. You should also purchase and listen to the song to learn 
the rhythm and timing of the song - this is essential if you wish to play the song with any degree of accuracy


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