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Guitar Chords for SOMETHING CHANGED PULP    

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G                        Bm              C
  I wrote this song two hours before we met
G                             Bm                   C
  I didn't know your name or what you looked like yet Oh
C                D                 Bm      E
  I could have stayed at home and gone to bed
C                D             Bm     E
  I could have gone to see a film instead
Bm                  E                   Am          D
  You might have changed your mind and seen your friends
Bm         E                    Am            D   Am7       D
    Life could have been very different but then something changed
[D Dsus4 D   G Gsus4 G]

Do you believe that there's someone up above?
And does he have a timetable directing acts of love?
Why did I write this song on that one day?
Why did you touch my hand and softly say
"Stop questions that don't matter anyway
Just give us a kiss to celebrate here today something changed"

[D Dsus4 D  G Gsus4 G]

G   G   Bm   C
G   G   Bm   C
          C            D            Bm         E
When we woke up that morning we had no way of knowing
           C          D                  Bm           E
that in a matter of hours we change the way we were going
Bm                E         Bm           E            Am    D
   where would I be now?  Where would I be now if we never met?
Bm              E                     Am            D
   Would I be singing this song to someone else instead?
        Am7                     D    [Dsus4] G [Gsus4]            
I don't know, but like you just said,     
something changed. 


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