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Guitar Chords for YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU THE 6THS    

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G D (x4)

G                          Am
Even though I met you only recently
  C            G                 D
I find myself falling in love with you
G                                  Am
I don't know quite how to put this decently
      C                     G                 D
but what's the chance that you could love me too?

G            D         G
Who, who, who, who, who
    C           G          D
has made my dreams come true
    G            D        G
and turned my gray sky blue?
         C         D        G
Why it's you you you you you
G          D         G
Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo
     C        G        D
like amorous lovebirds do
     G       D          G
Who made my world seem new?
            C       D       G
'Tis, 'tis you you you you you.

D  G  D  G

G                               Am
You make me feel like I'm seventeen again
     C                G              D
You make everything beautiful seem true
G                                Am
I can't wait to go to sleep and dream again
      C              G                   D
cause every dream I dream's a dream of dreamy little you 


D   G   D   G

G   D   Am  C

G             D    Am  C
 You make the world go round,
    G      D  Am       C
the sun go up ... and down,
     G        D  Am    C
the flowers bloom  in May,
     G        D  Am    C
the children laugh and play
  G        D  Am     C
Shall we choose the day?


C D G 
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