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E		              B
Make me a deal, and make it straight, all signed & sealed I'll take it
E			      B
To Robert E. Lee I'll show it, I hope & pray he don't blow it cos
We've been around a long time
Tryin', just tryin', just tryin' to make-a the big time

Take me on a roller-coaster, take me for an airplane ride
Take me for a six-day wonder, but dont you, dont throw my pride aside
Besides, what's real and make believe
Baby Jane's in Acapulco, we are flying down to Rio

Throw me a line I'm sinking fast, clutching at straws, cant make it
A Havana sound we're tryin', a hard edged a-hipster jivin' oh
Last picture show's down the drive-in
You're so sheer, you're so chic, 
Teenage rebel of the week

Flavours of the mountain streamline, midnight blue casino floors
Dance the cha-cha thru till sunrise, opens up exclusive doors, oh wow
Just like flamingoes look the same
So me and you, just we two, got to search for someting new

E    A         E     A      E     A      E    B

Far beyond the pale horizon someplace near the desert strand
A-where my Studebaker takes me, that's where I'll make my stand, but wait
Can' you see that Holtzer mane...
What's her name?.. Virginia Plain

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