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The Band guitar chords  - Orange Juice Blues (blues for breakfast )

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Capo 3rd Fret
         E7			A
I had a hard time wakin' this morning
	 E7		    B7
I gotta lotta things on my mind
	     A			   D     A7    D
Like those friends of yours keep bringin' me down
      G			   B7
Just hangin round all the time
I've had a hard time wakin' most mornings
And it's been that way for a month or more
You've had things your way but now I've got to say
I'm on my way out the door
Why don't you get right, try to get right baby
      A7                    G
You haven't been right with me
	      F#		 F#7
Why don't you get right, try to get right baby
Don't you remember how it used to be
E7   A    E7   B7
A    D  A7  D
G    B7
You have a hard time wakin' most mornings
And I can see it in your empty eyes
But there's no need for talkin' or walkin' 'round the clock
Just to figure out the reason why
I have a hard time handin' out warnings
I just slide on out the door
Cos I'm tired of everything bein' 'beautiful, beautiful'
And I ain't comin' back no more
E7   A    E7   B7
A    D  A7  D
G    B7
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