By Andrew Koblick, for PJ's Guitar Chords and Lyrics newsletter subscribers

Here are two blues riffs

The first one comes out of the Blues scale at the 5th fret. This is from the Chuck Berry style of rock blues. Here is a Blues Shuffle

E |-----------------------|
B |----------5-5---5-5----|
G |-----5----5-5---5-5----|
D |---5---7------7-----7--|
A |-7---------------------|
E |-----------------------| x2

This is a nice lick for a shuffle song. You can adjust and make up your orwn riffs.

All great blue songs have great endings. Often the audience will remember the ending as much as the entire song so you need to be tight on the ending.

Here is a good ending for a Blues song:

E |---------------------------|
B |-7b8b7---------------------|
G |-7b8b7-5-7-5---------------|
D |-----------------5-7-------|
A |---------------------5-6-7-|
E |---------------------------|

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