A Guitar lesson for PJ's Guitar Chords & Lyrics newsletter subscribers by Andrew Koblick, Amazing Guitar


This lesson will help you understand how to get different voicings out of three note major chords.


A major chord is made up of three notes:

1 3 5 of the major scale or Do Mi So.

Here is your basic chord A Major.

A Major Chord

The notes in the Chord are.

A = Do = 1

C# = Mi = 3

E = So = 5

In the standard Open form the notes are arranged:

1 5 1 3 5

A E A C# E


What is an inversion?

An Inversion is a chord played in forms where the Root note (The 1 or Do) is not the lowest note.

So the possibilities are the 3 or 5 is the lowest note.

Using the A major Chord above a simple way to play an inversion is to

NOT play the A string.

Thus creating a chord of 5 1 3 5.

D string 2nd fret = E = 5

G string 2nd Fret = A = 1

B string 2nd Fret = C# = 3

E string Open = E = 5

The difference is subtle but sometimes that is the key to finding the correct sound.


Next week I will go into more inversions using the C Major Chord.

Andrew Koblick, webmaster AmazingGuitar