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G		C
It fell upon a holy-day
   D             G
As many in the year, 
G                  C
Musgrave to the church did go 
    D               G
to see fine ladies there 

And some were dressed in velvet red 
and some in velvet pale 
And then came in walked Lord Barnard's wife, 
The fairest among them all. 

She cast an eye on Little Musgrave, 
full bright as the summer sun; 
Said Musgrave unto himself 
"This lady's heart have I won." 

I have loved you fair lady 
for long and many's the day 
and I have loved you little Musgrave 
though never a word did say 

'I have a bower at Bucklesfordberry, 
It's me hearts delight 
I'll take you back there with me 
If you'll lie in my arms all night.' 

But standing by was a little footpage, 
From the lady's coach he ran. 
'Although I am my lady's page, 
I am Lord Barnard's man. 

'Lord Barnard shall know of this, 
Whether I sink or swim;' 
And everywhere the bridges were broke, 
He'd enter the water and swim. 

" Lord Barnard, my Lord Barnard, 
you are a man of life, 
but Musgrave he's at Bucklesfordberry, 
Asleep with your wedded wife.' 

'If this be true, me little footpage, 
This thing that you tell me, 
All the gold in Bucklesford Berry 
Gladly I'll give to thee. 

'But if this be a lie, thou little foot page, 
This thing that you tell me, 
From the highest tree in Bucklesfordberry, 
Hanged you shall be.' 

"Go saddle me the black he said 
go saddle me the grey 
and sound you not your horns," he said 
"lest our coming you betray" 

But there was a man in Lord Barnard's train 
Who loved the little Musgrave 
and he blew his horn both loud and shrill 
'Away, Musgrave, away.'

'I think I hear the morning cock, 
I think I hear the jay; 
I think I hear Lord Barnard's men, 
And I wish I was away.' 

'Lie still, lie still, thou Little Musgrave, 
And hug me from the cold; 
'It's only a shepherd's boy, 
A-bringing his flock to fold. 

'Is not your hawk upon it's perch? 
Your steed eats oats and hay; 
And You've a lady in your arms, 
And yet you'd go away?' 

So he's turned around and he's kissed her twice 
and then they fell asleep 
when they awoke Lord Barnard's Men 
were standing at their feet. 

"How do you like me bed?" he said, and 
"How do you like me sheets?" 
"And how do you like me fair lady , 
that lies in you arms asleep?" 

"It's well I like your bed," he said 
" and great it gives me pain, 
I would gladly give a hundred pounds 
to be on yonder plain.' 

So slowly, so slowly he got up
So slowly he put on
Slowly down the stairs
Thinking to be slain.

Rise up rise up,little Musgrave, 
rise up and then put on; 
It shall not be said in fair Ireland 
that I slayed a naked man. 

'There are two swords down at my side, 
and dear they cost my purse; 
And you shall have the best of them, 
And I will take the worse.' 

The first rook that Musgrave struck 
It hurt Lord Barnard sore; 
But the next rook that Lord Barnard struck, 
Little Musgrave ne'er struck more. 

Then up and spake the fair lady, 
from on her bed she lay.' 
'Although you're dead, Little Musgrave, 
Still for you I"ll pray. 

"How do you like his cheek?" he said, and 
"how do you like his chin? 
and how do you like his dead body, 
now there's no life within." 

"It's well I like his cheek" she said, 
"and more I want his chin, 
It's more I love his dead body, than 
all your kith and kin." 

He's taken out his long,long sword, 
to strike the mortal blow, 
and through, and through the lady's heart 
the cold steel it did go 

'A grave, a grave,' Lord Barnard cried, 
'To put these lovers in; 
But put my lady on the upper half, 
For she came from better kin.' 

'For I've just killed the finest knight 
That ever rode a steed; 
And I've just slain the fairest lady 
That ever did a woman's deed." 

It fell upon a holy-day 
As many's in the year, 
Musgrave to the church did go 
to see fine ladies there

The above is solely MY INTERPRETATION of this great song, in a format aimed at learning guitarists.
No attempt has been made to copy or reproduce the artist's or publisher's sheet music for the song, 
if such exists.

It can be used for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. To play the song as it should be played, you should 
purchase the official sheetmusic for the song. You should also purchase and listen to the song to learn 
the rhythm and timing of the song - this is essential if you wish to play the song with any degree of accuracy


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