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     I'm raising up my voice
             Asus               E
     To the walls and to the sky
     It seeks no explanation
         Esus         A
     It waits for no reply
     Really it is nothing
     Just a cry to the wilds

     I'm delerious with chaos
     I'm wonderstruck with awe
     But in my soul I'm dreaming only
     Of your velvet shore
     When I'm walking there my face
     Untangles like a childs

          C#m      G#m
     And only the lonely
          C#m    A
     Only the lonely
      F#m          C#m
     Lonely could know me

     I've been talking all night long
     There's nothing more to say
     So I'm searching every mirror
     For a trace of yesterday
     But the air it holds no traces
     Where the eagles were flying

     I'm haunted by the skyline 
     The concrete and the rain 
     The window speaks of winter 
     So I'll set my heart again 
     And somwhere in the dusk, a curlew is crying 
     And only the lonely
     Only the lonely
     Lonely could know me

     There's a copper moon thats buried
     Where solitude expands
     And distant planets moving
     They're weighing on my hands
     They're darkening my pages

     And there's daylight in my fingers
     But it's snowing in my bones
     Been sucking on the echo
     Of a thousand telephones
     And when we meet again
     We will be strangers

     And only the lonely
     Only the lonely
     Lonely could know me
     Only the lonely
     Only the lonely
     Lonely could know me

     I'm talking all night long


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No attempt has been made to copy or reproduce the artist's or publisher's sheet music for the song, 
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