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THANK YOU DIDO Guitar Chords    

(capo 4)
8 x   Em       Cmaj7    
Em            Cmaj7               D
My tea's gone cold, I'm wondering why  I 
    G      G/F#   Em
got out of bed at all.  
            Cmaj7             D
The morning rain clouds up my window 
    G       G/F#   Em
and I can't see at all.
         Cmaj7           D
And even if I could it'd all be grey, 
         G       G/F#  Em
but your picture on my wall.  
It reminds me that it's 
Em               Cmaj7
not so bad, it's not so bad
|| Em      | Cmaj7   || (2x)
Em          Cmaj7                D
I drank too much last night, got bills to pay
   G         G/F#     Em
my head just feels in pain.  
             Cmaj7               D
I missed the bus and there'll be hell today, 
    G        G/F#  Em
I'm late for work again.  
         Cmaj7                 D
And even if I'm there, they'll all imply 
       G         G/F#     Em
that I might not last the day.  
And then you call me and it's
Em               Cmaj7
not so bad, it's not so bad and
G         C 
I want to thank you 
                  G              C
for giving me the best day of my life.  
G          C
Oh just to be with you 
              Bm             Am
is having the best day of my life
G                          C
Push the door, I'm home at last 
                D           G
and I'm soaking through and through.  
                   C                      G
Then you hand me a towel and all I see is you.  
                           C                       Bm
And even if my house falls down, I wouldn't have a clue.  
Because you're near me and 
Em    (022000)
Cmaj7 (032000)
C     (032010)
D     (xx0232)
G     (320033)
G/F#  (2X0033)
Bm    (X24432)
Am    (X02210)


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