EXTENDED 13th CHORDS ( A mini lesson by Dan Denley, AmazingGuitarSecrets, for PJs Guitar Chords & Lyrics subscribers )

Remember, an "extended chord" is a 7th chord with an added extension of a 9th, 11th,
13th or some combination of those intervals.

Today, we're focusing on 13ths chords. Like 9th and 11th chords, they're often
found in jazz, funk, fusion, progressive rock, and R&B.

13th chords come in three flavors and here's how they're built:

=> Major 13th = Major 7th chord with a Major 13th

=> Minor 13th = Minor 7th chord with a Major 13th

=> Dominant 13th = Dominant 7th chord with a Major 13th


First, the Major 13th chord:

C Major 13 (Written CM13 or Cmaj13)

|--5--| <-- A (Major 13th)
|--5--| <-- E (Major 3rd)
|--4--| <-- B (Major 7th)
|--3--| <-- C (Root)


Next, the Minor 13th chord:

G Minor 13 (Written Gmin13)

|--3--| <-- G  (Root)
|--5--| <-- E  (Major 13th)
|--3--| <-- Bb (Minor 3rd)
|--3--| <-- F  (Minor 7th)
|--5--| <-- D  (Perfect 5th)
|--3--| <-- G  (Root)


Lastly, the Dominant 13th chord:

A Dominant 13 (Written A13)

|--5--| <-- A  (Root)
|--7--| <-- F# (Major 13th)
|--6--| <-- C# (Major 3rd)
|--5--| <-- G  (Minor 7th)
|--7--| <-- E  (Perfect 5th)
|--5--| <-- A  (Root)


OK, so that wraps up our discussion on "extended" chords. I hope you have
a better understanding of extended chords and how to recognize them and play them.

All the best to you and your guitar playing!


Dan Denley

P.S. If you'd like to hear me play each of the chords above, go here:


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