Finger excercises to achieve that S-T-R-E-T-C-H

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Instruction - Beginners

Have you ever picked up a guitar and played for a half hour and still your fingers just don't seem to want to loosen up?

As I get older I notice it takes more to get those fingers moving

The one thing that will get you playing faster is to stretch before you play. I know a lot of times you don't have much time and want to get to playing.

I recommend taking 3-5 minutes and stretching - it will make your fingers feel like you have been playing for an hour.

Here are two exercises I have found that really limber up those digits:

1 - The Grab:

Simply hold your hands up (like you are being help up at gun point)
Now squeeze down slowly until your finger tips touch the very top of your palm.

Now try to separate your knuckles from each other and hold for about 5 seconds.

Repeat about 5 times

2 - The Throw:

Start with a fist and simply throw your fingers out.

Repeat this about for about 12 bars or until your hands start to tire.

I think you will find that you are ready to really start to play much sooner.

I hope this helps.


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