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Recommended Sites - Guitar Learning Resource Sites

Amazing Guitar Secrets, easily the most complete and comprehensive of the online guitar courses I have found, is a program I would most strongly recommend for anyone serious about becoming a guitar player.  The course is really well constructed, with a great balance of practical lessons and a thorough tutorial on guitar and music theory, presented in an exciting way which is never boring, and makes you WANT to learn!  There are over 4 hours of Video lessons, and over 300 pages of instructional materials, including some neat insider secrets I'd never previously discovered.  There is a 'Hard Copy' version ( for people like myself who don't like being tied to the PC ) as well as the online lessons, so you can get the whole course on DVDs and bound course material if you prefer.

Dan Denley, the mastermind behind this great resource also has a fantastic learning resource for Blues guitar players, appropriately enough titled "Blues Guitar Secrets".   This is truly the most comprehensive lessons program for any aspiring Blues player, whatever your current level of play.


Chris Elmore has now consolidated all of his great learning resources under the ElmoreMusic banner

GuitarTips is a must visit resource, with over 70 guitar lessons and tips for the learning guitarist ( and, let's face it,  that's all of us! )

Check out what's on offer at:  http://www.guitartips.com/   or at the parent site, ElmoreMusic.com

This site has a great range of tips'n'tricks for all guitarists, from the complete novice to the virtuoso. All of those nifty little things you hear other guitarists do and wonder "how did they do that?"!!    Plenty of stuff on the non-members pages, and a wealth of helpful stuff if you want to sign up for membership.  

Thousands of guitarists have already registered for another of Chris' new guitarist resources Guitar Songs which teaches you the secrets of writing unique, powerful, catchy songs - again check out ElmoreMusic.com for the full resource range.  

Don't forget the newest Resource Site from the same stable, Guitar-Backing-Tracks, of which I'm proud to be co-founder. Details above, or click on This Guitar Backing Tracks Link for more info.



Recommended Site - Guitar PC Software


Planet Of Rock  offer a different option in guitar / song backing tracks.  You can select from an artist or genre - blues, rock, 70s, 80s etc, you can even request custom backing tracks.  Professionally recorded backing to your favourite songs from all styles and from the 70s right up to date.  Whether you want to master the rhythms and timings of your favourite songs for playing in your covers band, or just want to play 'karaoke' style, with your voice ( and guitar ) accompanied by a rock solid band to make you perform the song like a pro, you really should check out what's on offer at Planet of Rock Backing Tracks for Guitar


SongSurgeon is a great new software tool which will hugely benefit all musicians ( not just guitarists).  The main concept, like that of all great ideas, is really simple.   You can control the speed of any song, or part of a song - whether it is on a CD or in one of the many formats (MP3, WAV, WMA etc. ) on your PC.  So, when you're trying to figure out that nifty riff (lead guitar, piano, whatever) on the song you're learning to play - just set the Loop start/end points to the riff part of the song, set the speed rate ( say 75% ), and it will play, without any pitch change, repeatedly, while you work out the pattern.   Tony Aja ( of GuitarLeads renown ) sent me a couple of video clips to explain the product - The first explains the Slowdown features - the second describes pitch change, file conversion and other features,    If you have a few minutes, these are well worth watching, as they show the product in use, you can really see how it would benefit you, whether you play guitar, keyboards, bass, drums - even vocals.    The launch page, which gives much the same information is at http://www.songsurgeon.com/ - but I would strongly advise checking out at least the 'slowdown' video demonstration, it really opens your mind to the opportunities of this really clever musician tool. 

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Recommended Site - Keyboard Resources

There is a really excellent site which teaches you to play piano, learning by ear as well as music theory.  HearAndPlay is a MultiMedia keyboard lessons site with a unique teaching style which gets you actually playing songs straight away!  Whether you're into Rock, Soul, Gospel, R&B, Country - Jermaine Griggs has designed a course which shows you how to recognize melody patterns, and learn new songs quickly by learning to include patterns you've already learned.  A must visit site for any aspiring keyboard player - click HERE to visit.    There is an audio message from Jermaine on the link which explains how HearAndPlay can show you how to learn to play be ear, and you can sign up for a free monthly newsletter which will include lessons and tips for piano and keyboard players of all levels.


Regular visitors to my site will know that I don't litter my pages with crappy ads, and only endorse sites that I have personally checked out, and when I'm sure that they offer value resources to my visitors.  I'm obviously very proud, as co-designer, of Guitar-Backing-Tracks and highly recommend you try it out. 

I've been promoting  GuitarTips, GuitarAlliance, Amazing Guitar, and Vocal Release  for some time, because I know that guitarists who click thru will find sites with real and obvious quality. Amazing Guitar Secrets, GuitarLeads and HearAndPlay (piano lessons) and PlanetOfRock are newer, but now well-established programs that I've checked out thoroughly and really enjoyed using, and I'm sure you will find, as I have, that these are 'must-have' resources for anyone who aspires to playing acoustic, rhythm or lead guitar, or playing keyboards.   


Enjoy your music!

P.J. Murphy
Webmaster, PJ's Guitar Chords & Lyrics Site ( www.guitarsongs.info )



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