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Stay Up Late (Talking Heads) Guitar Chords    

Stay Up Late (Talking Heads)

|:E A       |A G       |G F       |F E       :|

E       A   A G               G F
Mommy had.     A little baby.
            F E              E A etc.
There he is.     Fast asleep.
He's just. A little plaything.
Why not. Wake him up?
Cute. Cute. Little baby.
Little pee pee. Little toes.
Now he's comin' to me.
Crawl across. The kitchen floor.

A           G             E
Baby, baby, please let me hold him
A                     G      E
I wanna make him stay up all night
A               G           E
Sister, sister, he's just a plaything
A                      G      E
We wanna make him stay up all night
Yeah we do

|:A G    |G F     |F E     :|

See him drink. From a bottle.
See him eat. From a plate.
Cute. Cute. As a button.
Don't you wanna make him. Stay up late.
And we're having fun. With no money.
Little smile. On his face.
Don't cha' love. The little baby.
Don't you want to make him. Stay up late.


A               G     A
Here we go (all night long)
                    G    A
Sister, sister (all night long)
                            G    A
In the playpen...woo...(all night long)

Little baby goes, ha! (all night long)

I know you want to leave me...
Why don't. We pretend.
There you go. Little man.
Cute. Cute. Why not?
Late at night. Wake him up.


Here we go (all night long)
Sister, sister...woo...
(with the television on)
Little baby goes...woo! (all night long)
Hey, hey, baby! (all night long)
And he looks so cute (all night long)
In his little red suit (all night long)

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