How to build Jazz Chords

A tip for learning guitar players by Andrew Koblick,  AmazingGuitar, for PJ's Guitar Chords and Lyrics


Chords are based on scales. Most chords are based on the major scale and the modes that are derived from the major scale.
Major, Minor and Diminished Chords are built using the 1,3,5 of the scale.     The Do, Mi, So.

To make Jazz chords we continue to add thirds.
For example a 7th Chord is made up of the 1,3,5,7 of the scale or mode.
In actual notes we will use the Key of C for our example.

Major chord is made up of the notes: C - E - G
The Major 7th Chord is made up of the notes: C - E - G - B
The 7th Chord or Dominant 7th Chord is the same only change the B to Bflat.

The Dominant 7th Chord is widely used in Rock and Blues while the Major 7 is used
in sweeter jazz and pop songs.     Lets's keep building.

The 9th chord is derived by placing the 9 on top of the 7.
Wait a minute, I thought the scale only had 7 notes?    Do - Re - Mi -   Fa - So - La - Ti.

So a 9 is really a 2 played in the next higher octave  . The C Dominant 7 9 chord is made up of: C - E - G - BFlat - D

We can go even higher and make an 11th Chord by adding an F.... And still go higher and make a 13th Chord by adding the A

A C13th Chord is every note in the scale! That can't sound good?   The trick is that you are only using half the notes in 2 octaves

Next time I will give a little insight into soloing over the 'JAZZ' Chords:

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