How to Solo over Jazz Chords

A tip for learning guitar players by Andrew Koblick,  AmazingGuitar, for PJ's Guitar Chords and Lyrics


Chords are based on scales. Most chords are based on the major scale and the modes that are derived from the major scale.
When you see a progression that looks like  -  Cmaj7 , Dmin7 9, G9  -    try not to panic. What you ned to look for is whether or not there is a key commonality.

In the example above all the chords are in the Key of C and we can simply
play in the C major scale and it will fit.

There are other ways to approach your solo.
You can play in the mode that relates to each chord as the chord is played

Cmaj7 - Ionian (Major scale)
Dmin7 9 - Dorian
G9 - Mixolydian.

You can also play in only one mode to give your solo a modal sound.
Try playing D dorian over the progression and see how that sounds and feels.

In our next meeting I will discuss how to solo over Chords that are not in the same key

I hope this helps.

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