Learning New Guitar Riffs

A tip for learning guitar players by Andrew Koblick,  AmazingGuitar, for PJ's Guitar Chords and Lyrics


Today I want to talk about learning new riffs.

I'm sure you know someone who seems to be able to listen to a record and pick out the riff almost immediately. I hate guys like that. I have always had to listen over and over and then slowly figure out the riff note by note. Along the way I have come up with a few tricks to speed up the process.

1. Listen to the riff 10 times in a row.

2. Sing the riff to yourself out loud until you can match the recording.

3. Then find the first couple of notes.

4. Pause for a few moments and close your eyes and visualize yor fingers playing the notes. Once you have the notes in the proper order, play the notes 3 times each alternate picking.

By now you should have the riff down and can play it over and over and along with the record.

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