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Newsletter and Update Notification - February 2012  - 10 Songs added,   see below

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Those of you following me on my Guitarsongs.info Facebook Page will be aware that I received a legal 'take-down' notice in November from lawyers representing the US Music Publishers Association.  Having responded via my own legal representative, and heard nothing since, I decided to continue posting songs to the site, until the situation is resolved.  So - apologies for the lack of new material since October, but I have posted 10 new songs in February, I hope you'll enjoy at least some of them.

What's New:

Ten new songs, two Golden Oldies from Brian Hyland and Ray Charles, the rest pretty much spanking new, from Eliza Doolittle, Gotye, Lana Del Rey, Snow Patrol, Young The Giant, Jessie J, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Emeli Sande..  So - more new songs than old,  but hopefully an interesting mix, and with four songs with female vocals, something for everyone.

There are now chords and lyrics to 1,965 songs, by more than 300 artists, on the site.  There are 1,200 on the specific artist pages,  and 765 between the miscellaneous Rock Songs, Pop Songs, Folk Songs, Soul/R&B, Christmas and Oldstuff pages.   Dont forget to check out these pages if you cant find a specific page for the artist you're looking for.  

As mentioned above, I have created a Facebook 'Page' ( seperate to my personal profile ) where I will be posting details of songs as I add them to the site, and of course, accepting requests.  Check it out at -  guitarsongs.info, and click the 'Like' button on the page if you want to be kept updated.


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Site of the month for February 2012  is  Artistopia  This site is a great resource for Artists to feature their work and network with other musicians, and a great place for everyone to keep up with the Indie scene, and listen to music by artists from all genres.

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List of songs added February 2012  (10 songs)

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Snow Patrol        In The End

Chili Peppers      Adventures of Raindance Maggie

Pop Songs:

Eliza Doolittle:        Skinny Genes

Lana Del Rey:   Video Games

Jessie J         Domino

Emeli Sande         Next To Me

Rock Songs:

Gotye           Somebody That I Used To Know

Young The Giant:      My Body

Old Songs:

Brian Hyland:      Sealed With A Kiss

Ray Charles:      Hit The Road Jack



Enjoy your music!

P.J. Murphy
Webmaster, PJ's Guitar Chords & Lyrics Site ( www.guitarsongs.info )



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