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Newsletter and Update Notification - 30th  September 2009  - 10 Songs added,   see below

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Welcome to the September newsletter. There was no newsletter for August - my excuse is that my beautiful daughter was married on 21st, so for the beginning of the month I was too strung out, and the wedding celebrations extended for several days after the BIG day. If you're interested, search YouTube for:  Nycola and Marc - there are a bunch of short videos and photos of the shenanigans. I just about made my target of 10 songs for September, I hope you'll find them worth the wait!. 

What's New:

Ten songs added for September - oldies from REM, Beatles and Wilco, newer songs from David Gray, Jason Mraz, The Fray, Grizzly Bear, and fairly recent songs from Queens of the Stone age, Paolo Nutini and White Lies. Hopefully you will have fun playing some of them, it's a pretty varied mix! .  

There are now chords and lyrics to 1,840 songs, by more than 250 artists, on the site.  There are 1,165 on the specific artist pages,  and 675 between the miscellaneous Rock Songs, Pop Songs, Folk Songs, Soul/R&B, Christmas and Oldstuff pages.   Dont forget to check out these pages if you cant find a specific page for the artist you're looking for.  

Recommended Sites - Guitar Learning Resource Sites

Amazing Guitar Secrets, easily the most complete and comprehensive of the online guitar courses I have found, is a program I would most strongly recommend for anyone serious about becoming a guitar player.  The course is really well constructed, with a great balance of practical lessons, using video, audio and tablature,  and a thorough tutorial on guitar and music theory, presented in an exciting way which is never boring, and makes you WANT to learn!  Click Guitar Secrets to read more

Dan has also some targetted specialist courses - Blues Guitar Secrets and Acoustic Guitar Secrets and he has recently launched his latest resource "Ultimate Guide to Chords" - Click on "Ultimate Chord Guide" to learn more.


Chris Elmore has now consolidated all of his great learning resources under the ElmoreMusic banner

GuitarTips is a must visit resource, with over 70 guitar lessons and tips for the learning guitarist ( and, let's face it,  that's all of us! )

Check out what's on offer at:  http://www.guitartips.com/   or at the parent site, ElmoreMusic.com

Thousands of guitarists have already registered for another of Chris' new guitarist resources Guitar Songs , which takes you through the whole songwriting process, and gives you all of the information and technique to begin writing your own songs.   Click Guitar Songs to read more

The latest recruit to the Elmore Music family of guitar resources is 'Rock Guitar Methods', which features practical lessons and theory specifically tailored to the needs of aspiring rock guitar players.



Recommended Site - Keyboard Resources

There is a really excellent site which teaches you to play piano, learning by ear as well as music theory.  HearAndPlay is a MultiMedia keyboard lessons site with a unique teaching style which gets you actually playing songs straight away!  Click Keyboard lessons to read more


Recommended Site - Vocalist Resources

Way back in May 2003, I discovered Vocal Release - a site which can really help you to develop and train your voice.... to achieve a wider range, hit the high notes that previously produced a scary squawk, and give those vocal chords the stamina to sing all night ( or until everyone else leaves.... ).  Click Voice Lessons to read more


Recommended Site - Guitar PC Software

SongSurgeon is a great new software tool which will hugely benefit all musicians ( not just guitarists).  The main concept, like that of all great ideas, is really simple.   You can control the speed of any song, or part of a song - whether it is on a CD or in one of the many formats (MP3, WAV, WMA etc. ) on your PC. Click Song Manager to read more


Regular visitors to my site will know that I don't litter my pages with crappy ads, and only endorse sites that I have personally checked out, and when I'm sure that they offer value resources to my visitors. 

I've been promoting  Amazing Guitar Secrets, GuitarTips, GuitarAlliance, Guitar5Day, HearAndPlay and Vocal Release  for some time, because I know that musicians who click thru will find sites with real and obvious quality.    


Recommended Sites - Site of the Month

Site of the month for September is Lead Guitar Secrets Yet another outstanding program from the prolific and talented guitar teacher Dan Denley - a regular contributor of tips for my newsletter ( including two this month, below ).  If you've subscribed to any of his other courses, you will know how thorough Dan is, and how easily he imparts knowledge.  With a combination of video, audio, tab and easy-to-understand theory, Dan takes you through the process of learning lead guitar, from the basics to creating and improvising with your own licks. There are 4 DVDs packed with 7 hours of video instruction, a further hour of video on CDROM, and a 200 page tutorial.  Most of the video is shot with two cameras, showing left and right-hand actions.  Check out the detail at Lead Guitar Secrets    Previous SOM sites: 

The Guitar Guy GuitarBoard.Com Top100Tabs.com   Top 100 Guitar Sites
Co-Acoustic MXTabs    Tabfind  
MusicRoom   AJourneyPast   Ultimate-Guitar    Lyrics.Com 
Guitar Songs Unleashed   Hear&Play Amazing Guitar Secrets
Guitar-Backing-Tracks Christmas Carols Chords TabFly GuitarOJam
AllGuitarChords Amazing Guitar 2.0 Just Acoustic Summer Blues Party
GuitarMojo.com MusicGearReview GuitarTrader Guitar-Made-Simple
Christmas Keys Elmore-Music GuitarLeads GuitarGeorge
D'Accord Chord Dictionary You Can Play Guitar BluesGuitarSecrets                      
Dame Band ChordFind ChordBook GuitarTips
Acoustic Guitar Secrets Planet Of Rock NewIndie Rock Guitar Methods
Ultimate Guide to Chords Infinite Guitar Christmas Fun Jazz Guitar Techniques
Speed Guitar Techniques Music Power Blues Guitar Secrets 2.0  


If you need help reading tab, there is a "Tabs Guide" link at the end of the artist list on the left side of my home page, which will explain the theory of guitar tabs, and show you how to read and play them.


Guitar and MusicTips:

Once again Dan Denley steps up to the mark and provides two great video lessons for my newsletter subscribers. First up is from his newly-released "Blues Secrets 2.0" course, the second is from his "Ultimate Guide to Chords" course.

In the first lesson, Dan shows how you can play amazing solos without covering the entire fretboard - in this example he uses only 3 strings to crack out a nifty solo.

The second lesson gives you insight into the theory, and also shows you how to play, an 8-bar minor blues chord progression.  As with the other lessons on the course, you will find these progressions resonating, and reminding you of song sections you know - as the course will show you, chord progressions recur all of the time, so once you've mastered one, you can apply it to playing several songs - or creating your own.

Check out these lessons at the links below:


How to Solo with just 3 Strings!

Guitar Chords progressions

I hope you'll find these articles helpful- when you've been through them, check out Dan's literally 'Amazing' set of courses for all genres of guitar players at Amazing Guitar Secrets.

For my own previous articles for learning guitarists, check out:

http://www.guitarsongs.info/chords_1.htm http://www.guitarsongs.info/chords_2.htm
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http://www.guitarsongs.info/chords_5.htm http://www.guitarsongs.info/chords_6.htm..


List of songs added September 2009  (10 songs)

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Wilco   Via Chicago

David Gray:    The Fugitive

The Beatles:    All Together Now

REM:    Cuyahoga

Pop Songs:

Paulo Nutini:    Last Request

Jason Mraz:   I'm Yours

Rock Songs:

The Fray:    Never Say Never

White Lies:   Death

Queens of the Stone Age:   Make it Wit Chu

Grizzly Bear:   Two Weeks


Enjoy your music!

P.J. Murphy
Webmaster, PJ's Guitar Chords & Lyrics Site ( www.guitarsongs.info )



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