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P.J. Murphy

PJ's Guitar Chords and Lyrics

PJs Guitar Chords And  Lyrics - free download of easy to play guitar chords, song lyrics and tablature

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Guitar chords & song lyrics to over 1,900 songs by more than 300 top artists from Dylan REM Beatles to Greenday Coldplay Chili Peppers to Kings of Leon,John Mayer,The Fray,Killers                  

Guitar Chords and Lyrics to   1,990   songs by top bands and artists   

The theme of this guitar chords site is simplicity.  In the course of the free guitar lessons I teach, there was one recurring request from all students - to be able to play some of their favourite songs as soon as they have mastered the basic chords, so I have grown this guitar learners site over the years so that they can have a bunch of easy chords versions of top songs.  The songs are arranged in basic printable song chords and lyrics format, with the chord changes indicated at the point in the lyrics where the change occurs. 

Scroll down the page to see the list of artists and song genres featured - the Rock Songs, Pop Songs and other Miscellaneous pages feature songs that don't appear on any of the specific artist song chords and lyrics pages. 

Click one of the
artist song page links on the left for my list of songs by that artist, or you can select an artist or genre from the dropdown menu below. What you will find is song lyrics and easy guitar chords, in a simple format suitable for beginners. For songs with trickier chords I've included chord charts or diagrams.

Some songs I
transposed for convenience, so you might want to try a different key or use a capo. To change song key, check out my guide to guitar chord transposition and other Guitar Tips  .   Enjoy your music,
and enjoy your visit to PJs Guitar Chords and Lyrics!

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The guitar chords and lyrics to the songs on my site are my interpretation only.  If you want to play the guitar chords, intros, riffs etc, with correct timing etc. please purchase the official song scores at Sheet Music Plus.  To listen to the songs, support the artists and buy the official albums


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The songs on this website are simplified guitar chord interpretations intended for study purposes for learning guitar players, the intent is to encourage the guitar student to persist by having access to playable chord and lyric versions of songs by popular artists. If you want to play the songs as they should be played, please purchase the Offical Sheet Music


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The site is updated regularly with chords and lyrics to guitar songs, new and old.  I try to add chords for 10 new songs each month.  Please check the "New Songs" link to see the list of song chords with lyrics added, newest first.  


P.J. Murphy,
PJ's Guitar Chords and Lyrics.



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