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What PJ's Guitar Chords & Lyrics Site is all about


About this site.......

The theme of this site is learning to play songs on guitar simply , it's main purpose being to provide easy guitar chords and lyrics to some great songs, as a resource for you as a learning guitar player to expand your repertoire of songs, and achieve your potential as a musician.   I do not believe any copyright is being infringed by any material on the site, as all song interpretations are my own simplified 'busking' versions of the originals.  Anyone wishing to reproduce the authentic sound is encouraged to purchase the official songbooks:  

I have included links on each artist chords page to the official artist website and to the CD Universe page where the artists CDs and DVDs can be purchased.  All of the artists featured are favourites of mine, and the intent is to promote appreciation of their songs among the guitar playing community.   My statistics show a regular flow of traffic to the artist pages and to the CD sales pages, so I hope that the featured artists will benefit, as well as my visitors

Should you feel that your copyright is being violated on this site, let me know  email.gif (12376 bytes). and I will (reluctantly) remove the item(s) you specify.  My own, firmly-held belief, is that from an artists perspective, encouraging others to perform the songs in schools, pubs, clubs, family get-togethers etc. can be only of promotional value. My own music collection features many albums from artists I was first introduced to by hearing live 'cover' versions of their songs played in Wexford Town's many folk clubs and 'sessions'.   Working out the guitar chords and learning the lyrics for myself only increased the enjoyment, and meant I was more likely to purchase that artist's albums.


Privacy Policy:  I do not collect or use any information about visitors to my website, other than the email addresses of those who opt in to my monthly newsletter - these addresses are NEVER used for any purpose other than to e-mail site update and relative information.  I do use third party software to provide my site statistics, these are stored and presented in aggregated format, using information ( not including name, address, email address, telephone number or any personal data item ). 


This site comes to you from Wexford, in the sunny south-east of Ireland.  It's a great place, buzzing with music - Folk, Blues, Rock and Traditional - and well worth stopping by if you're in the area.  If you'd like to find out more about Wexford, visit The Wexford Web community website, or visit the Wexford page of Irelands-Directory.Com.

I want visitors to this site to feel part of  a guitar community, where people can share their musical ideas.  The Guitar Forum ( link on main page ) is designed for you the visitor to post a request, ask a question, pass on a musical tip and respond to requests and questions from other members of the community. 

I try to respond to posts myself within a couple of days, and help as best I can, but if you feel  you have a better version of a requested song,  or have something to add to any replies I make - go ahead, I'll be delighted!    Many Guestbook entries also include requests - I respond to all requests, but  if you spot a request you can help with, please do.  Mail requests for help, and the responses, are now being published to my Blog at

I can still recall the buzz I got when someone helped me learn a song I really wanted to play.  This guitar community website is all about passing on the buzz.

Enjoy your music,






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This site comes to you from Wexford, in the sunny south-east of Ireland.   It's a great area, buzzing with music - Folk, Blues, Rock and Traditional - and well worth stopping by if you're visiting Ireland. The  Wexford Festival is a huge annual success, featring music, theatre and art.  I host an Online Art Exhibition by local artist Bobby Cullimore who exhibits his work each year.

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