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What PJ's Guitar Chords & Lyrics Site is all about

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Contact:   Click here to send me a mail message. If you want to express appreciation and undying gratitude, please use the Guestbook link, to impress other visitors!  If you wish to request chords & lyrics for a song, you should post a message on the Forum - if I can help, I will post a response on my Blog: http://blog.guitarsongs.info , if not, hopefully someone else will.
Guestbook/Forum: Click here and then click on the 'View & Sign My Guestbook' banner. This will display current guestbook entries.  Click on the 'Post a Message' link to fill in the guestbook form. The 'Guestbook Archive' link displays some older guestbook entries. Click on the 'Forum' link to request song chords/lyrics or to respond to others requests.
Search: Search this site, using all/part of artistname and/or song title;  or search the Web using the Google Search Engine. Tip: for Google,  use keywords:   Guitar  Chords  Lyrics "artistname"
Links: The links are in two sections. Topsite links are top50/top100 guitar and tab sites listing hundreds of guitar resource websites. Be aware that these sites are ranked by 'click-thru' counts, rather than review of content, i.e. the top entry is the site that generated most links back to the 'topsite' host.

The other link section features sites I have enjoyed visiting myself. Most of these include song chords and lyrics, some artist related, others have guitar lessons or other musician resources.

About this site: What PJ's Guitar Chords and Lyrics is all about
Updates: Click here to see the latest additions to the song collection, & the update log
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Guitar Guide: 'Webfarer' guide to guitar lessons, shopping for music stuff, webmaster utilities & other free stuff.  Only reliable, value for money sites are recommended.
Affiliates: Guide for other webmasters to affiliate programs which can provide quality added content and much-needed income
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| Contact Guestbook& Forum  |  Search  | Links |  About this site | Guitar Chords |  Updates  |  Guitar Guide|  Affiliates|